• Astrology is the predictive science which studies the position of planets in the Mid Heaven at the time of Birth of an individual.
  • An entire life time guidance can be provided to the native, in terms of Health, wealth, education, career, relationships, quality of life, struggle or success ahead, ups and downs in life, Marital bliss, progeny and happiness there from.
  • In order to answer all these queries about an individual the data needed is his/her Exact Time of Birth (TOB).
  • Date of birth (DOB), Place of Birth (POB) mentioning the city, district and the country
  • With the help of the above data, the Astrologer casts the Horoscope ofan individual for the purpose of analysis. The accuracy of predictions depends upon the accuracy of the submitted data.

Casting of Horoscope

While casting the horoscope, Date of Birth is used to know the transition of planets in different Zodiac Signs on that particular day of the Annum.

Time of Birth suggests the Zodiac Sign which is rising in the Eastern Horizon when the native is born. This Sign is the sign of Ascendant which depicts the First House or the starting of the horoscope and characterizes the personality bound traits of an individual. Thus to ascertain accurate description of the person concerned, it is very important to note the time of birth accurately.

Place of Birth is also very important because the Longitude of the birth place is used in calculating the Local Time of Birth. The Standard Time of Birth is converted into the time of that city which differs because of its Geographical mapping. For more information visit -

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